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Level up your language

Improve your English through WhatsApp daily voice messages. Get personalised feedback that moves you towards fluency.

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Can you read English, but struggle to understand it when it’s spoken to you?
Can you write better than you can speak?
Do you wish you could build a habit that can move you from intermediate level, to fluent?

SpeakUp is specially designed to get you to the next level of language learning.

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How does it work?

Pick a tutor

Choose your tutor from our selection of native English speakers.

Start the conversation

Every day, your tutor will send you a WhatsApp voice message with a question.

Send your reply

Record a minute-long reply as a voice message, in English.

Get your corrections

Your tutor will send you corrections and feedback on your message content and pronunciation.

"I've made more progress with SpeakUp in three months than I had done in the previous three years!"

— Ana, 31, São Paulo

Why does it work?

1. It builds a habit

Research consistently shows that the single most important factor in language learning is daily practice. With a tutor messaging you every day, you’ll find it easy to maintain the habit.

2. More human than an app

Language learning apps are convenient, but they can be robotic. Real fluency is achieved through communication with other people, not endless flashcards. 

3. Less pricey than a tutor

Tutors can be a great way to learn, but the costs of even one lesson a week soon add up. For a fraction of the price, SpeakUp gives you daily access to your own personal coach.

4. Time to study pronunciation

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